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Color dispersion

In terms of pigment coloring and dispersion improvement, Longxing wax has good compatibility with resin, and has good affinity with pigment. For Color Masterbatch, ink and other industries, it can provide customers with high-quality dispersion additives.


The product can wet pigment particles, improve the interface state of pigment and resin, and make the pigment easy to disperse and no longer agglomerate.


It has good lubricity and improves the flowability of Color Masterbatch during processing.


Good compatibility with pigments can effectively solve the precipitation phenomenon of filler masterbatch products, so as to improve the coloring ability of pigments in masterbatch;


It can greatly improve the surface gloss of the products, and effectively improve the physical properties of the materials in the processing of filling masterbatch, and improve the toughness of the products.


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